Change Windowed mode resolution

On this page you will find out how to change your windowed mode resolution.

To do so, please follow these steps:

  • 1. Navigate to your ...\VUGames\Tribes Vengeance\Program\Bin folder and find "TV_CD_DVD.ini".

  • 2. Open it with a text-editor like notepad. Use CTRL + F to find: "[WinDrv.WindowsClient]".

  • 3. Underneath that term you will find 4 lines. Two of them have a X and two of them have a Y at the end of their names. The X stands for the width of your resolution, whereas the Y stands for the height of your resolution.

  • 4. Choose the resolution values. For example:


    Note this is completely analog to the declaration used in the first method.

Originally written by HighDive.

Last updated on 30/09/2014